One of the key areas that differentiates IMS Capital Management from many other firms is our decades of experience in selecting individual securities. As a client of IMS you can capitalize on our deep in-house research capability as we construct and monitor your portfolio. Within a broader allocation we often customize portfolios utilizing our expertise in the following areas:

Fixed Income

Given the risks inherent in the market, many of our clients seek us out to protect their wealth. For close to a decade we have provided highly customized privately managed fixed income portfolios which do exactly that. Depending on your needs, we can customize an appropriate portfolio that delicately balances your need for income and stability.

Mid & Large-Cap Value

Our process is designed to identify undervalued companies, in attractive industries, that are seasoned and showing signs of positive business momentum.  Therefore, we intentionally blend mid and large cap stocks into our portfolios.  Since 1988, we have fine-tuned our proprietary methods in this area.

Dividend Growth

Dividends have provided a significant portion (nearly half) of the broad stock market’s total return over the past 80 years. Our process focuses on companies of all sizes (small, mid and large cap) both foreign and domestic that have a history of increasing their dividends. Having a diverse mix of dividend paying companies in your portfolio can help dampen volatility and improve long term total returns.


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