At IMS Capital Management we work with each client to construct a highly customized, privately managed and broadly diversified portfolio based on each individual’s unique set of circumstances. Our experienced investment management team and vast resources available us to integrate both internally and externally managed investment solutions where appropriate.


We believe that managing risk and preserving wealth is more important than short-term performance.

We provide our clients with investment solutions that make objective sense and are situationally appropriate.

We neither view our proprietary strategies nor external investment solutions as preferable. We make use of either or both when appropriate.


We use asset allocation as the foundation of our approach and utilize a fully diversified portfolio of assets classes to include:

Stocks, Bonds, Cash, Real Assets and Alternative Investments.


We take an unbiased approach to the way we use portfolio instruments and have the unique ability to customize a portfolio utilizing a mixture of the following:

  • Exchanged traded funds, where low cost and tax efficiency is the priority.
  • Mutual fund managers where both market inefficiency and proven manager skill is identified.
  • Individual Stocks and Bonds where an additional level of screening and customization is desired.

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